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Break out of your shell

To me Becoming is about looking at the world using lenses different to those being handed to you. It’s about finding your truth in world that may not accept it, finding your voice in a crowd that may not be willing to listen and being the light in a world that doesn’t always radiate it. Google’s definition of ‘Become’ is to “begin to be” begin to be what? Well that’s the beauty of becoming, What you begin to be is totally up to you.

Becoming is about flourishing into everything you were created to be. You have the seed of greatness within you, protect, cultivate and nurture it.

I’ve always been fascinated by the process of a butterflies becomes, the many stages that it goes through for it to eventually reach its final form. In its final form that’s when it is able to fly and to fulfil it’s purpose and potential to the maximum capacity. Becoming requires you to break out of your shell, to step out of your comfort until you are finally at a where you are fulfilling your true purpose. If a butterfly was to stay as a caterpillar, it would just be wasted potential because it has the potential to become much more! I challenge you to strive to be more, to do more and to archive more! I challenge you to BECOME.